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I saw "the searcher" recently, and as much as I wanted to like it, it really left me in an awkward mood. I wish it had just been more straight and to the point presentation on our universe, rather than a "ultra serious, kinda creepy voiced alien with tooooo much backstory. The designs of the alien worlds were basically modern art in motion, and left me feeling alienated from actually learning anything. Wayy to omuch jumping around, and hearing the alien talk about faster than light travel, searching for his kind, in a smug way really took me out of it. Occasional info blips would come up, but none of it was presented in a logical order for people to understand. Its a nice gesture to have been part of this, and trying your best, but I'd like to see someone top "the searcher". The tech of the show was great, but left me rolling my eyes the whole time, and I'm a huge geeky fan of science, universe, sagan, degrasse tyyson etc.

Nick Sagan

Sorry you didn't like it, Gil. There's a certain percentage of planetarium viewers who don't want science fiction elements anywhere in (or even near) their shows. Perhaps you fall into that category. Or perhaps it just didn't work for you. In any event, thanks for weighing in.

Mark Meads

My girlfriend and I went to see this at the Adler in April. We were both astounded. It was FANTASTIC, and we're making a trip back with out teenage kids in a couple weeks.

Thank-you for this. I think you're dad would be proud.

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