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I was an election inspector in Oriskany NY, starting at 5:30AM and wrapping up at 9:30 PM. Long day right? I didn't sleep the night before either. None of the 3 other inspectors kept their political views to themselves as is required, and it was grating on me.
Since this was a library, the room we were in had a TV. I happened to have the COSMOS DVDs with me that Ann provided. So i popped them in to help silence the political chatter. Carl's voice calms many people, including me. It had the intended effect of limiting the chatter, as people would from time to time pause to watch the TV.

So this Republican stronghold had to vote in the shadow of Carl Sagan's COSMOS. :-)

My cousin votes there. He's a home-schooling creationist, and i hope he noticed what was on. ;-)


I am so happy Obama won, and I'm sure Carl would've voted for him too.

Audrey Harper

Hopefully this will make up for the last eight years in which Al Gore should have been in power...

It's good to hear that our newly elected President has the Sagan approval. :)


It's so interesting to read this post. I remember that last year, when I was researching the candidates for the first time, I was struck by how intelligent, articulate, and inspiring Obama was. But what I noticed most was the great similarities he shares with Carl...the calm collected way he addresses tough questions after a brief pause; his body language; his mannerisms--unbelievably similar. A few months ago I actually got to discuss this with Ann over the phone, and was shocked to learn that she thought the same. I guess your whole family noticed. Needless to say, I can't wait to see what the next four years hold.


I, like so many others, am also so grateful, relieved, and excited that Obama was elected. Now we just have to wait and see what happens in the next few years, but I'm hopeful. :)


Hello everybody,

I think, that's a new generation in this story
Ever we had old men for this position.
I know were are all going in a better time with Obama, why?
This generation is asked for.
His is young, hi has inperation, and he he know what he say's.

The technologie is over the human.
Million of Million Dollar's for what.
You know Leman Brother's

Is a manager god!!!!!!!!!!!???

For instance this is a small salary for USA, you know 10.000.000,00 Dollar
additioal bonuses.

The firm goes bankrupt, all people lost her job and he'll get a compenation?????????????!!!!!!!!


Nobody have a performance to earn so much money.
either in USA or other lands.

Obama, will get this in the right light.

What a manager with 25 million dollars wants after three days without water in the desert.

Only one.



Obama broke every campaign promise he made before the election. Why won't he produce his long form birth certificate? The man is not my President! He is merely a another puppet reading his teleprompter and lying to the American people. DOWN WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

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