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Audrey Harper

A colony on Venus? That IS science fiction. :) It is certainly the alluring siren of the cosmic sea.

Ângelo Fernandes

Hum, Shrapnel sounds nice. I’m eager to read and see new sci fi quality stuff.

Unfortunately Comic Con is at San Diego and to me it’s hard, not to say pretty damn expensive, to go there since I live in Portugal. I’ve followed everywhere on the web about.
I would like a lot to see the BSG panel among others. I’ll to arrange a way to attend next years Comic Con.

Ângelo Fernandes

Nick Sagan

Audrey: Inhospitable though Venus is, alluring is just right. One of my favorite Cosmos episodes is "Heaven and Hell," which gives us a tantalizing glimpse. Terraforming it is science fiction to be sure (at least at this point in our technological evolution), but as I've no chance to walk around there in real life, writing about it is my next best option.

Ângelo: I can imagine how expensive that flight is, especially these days with the increased cost of fuel. If you do manage to get out there next year, please come say hello as I'm planning to be there too.

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