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Audrey Harper

"We seem to be in a down cycle right now, stuck in an age where technology is often more of a worry than a wonder."

You raise a good point. Science is a wonderful tool, but I think it's valid for people to be concerned about how it's used. I think the focus should be shifted more to the people hoping to utilize it in a lethal way... Sam Harris makes this point in, "The End of Faith," discussing the dangerous mentality of many Muslims who have no fear of, and in fact hope for an apocalyptic event - suicide bombing on a global scale. The threat is terrifying, but quite real.

On the other hand, I think a lot of people fear technology for completely different reasons, which are often religious in nature. There is the argument that we are "playing God" which frightens and angers many. "God" is becoming more and more impotent, and people... quite potent. It reveals a truth unsettling for many.

Perhaps there should be some kind of technoethic course available.. (like bioethics) we don't want more Edward Tellers running around! :)

What's your take on the LHC controversy? When I read about it a few weeks back, I couldn't believe my eyes! It just seems so silly... I would love to hear what Richard Feynman would've had to say about it! :)

"I remember talking with my dad about how you could spend your entire life reading books..."

Indeed! So many books, so little time... and what's even more frustrating is the struggle to retain the information in each one! Though I suppose that pertains more to non-fiction. I'm reading "The Elegant Universe" right now. Oy... it's interesting, but a bit heavy!

Audrey Harper

by-the-way, I think this calls for at least a mini book tour. :)

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