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Neil, thank you, thank you, thank you. I think Outerscope is probably one of the most creepy puppet narratives ever produced, but I am a slave to it nonetheless.

Strange, kinky dialogue between a dustpan and a brush in episode 6:

"As I was telling you, Missus Tidy, I enjoy doing a nice. thorough brushing before breakfast..."

What the crap.

Sam Taylor

I'm jealous. I only had the Banana Splits:


While still slightly on the topic of strange/funny/entertaining shows, I thought I'd share a link to "Borat meets Regis."


I love Borat!!

Audrey Harper

I bet you're at Comic-Con... It looks like fun.


We seem to be related... I was sent here by my friend who is an editor at Penguin and was amused when I explained that my father was your father's cousin (not sure what that make us, very distant relations apparently). Anyway, saw the post about creepy puppet animation...and, well.... I'm a toy designer and illustrator so it landed home for me I guess. I'm a collector of weird animation.

Nice to "meet" you, Nick.



Anna, that makes you guys second cousins, I believe. I'm in contact with several of my parents cousin's kids, so I've had to learn what second cousins and first cousins twice removed, etc. means :)

ângelo fernandes

Hei stranger
know what?

I've just received a response from an editor, they're interested to publish my last novel.
hurray :)

I'm still numb...

ângelo fernandes,

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