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J Alan Erwine

Those are both pretty amazing...and it's about how I pictured him.


They both look lovely, but really girly! :O Glad to see you're back to posting!


You're officially on my myspace next to your dad. (promoting your books) It's becoming a very Sagan site. :)

Mark Baard

Hi Nick!

I like the art... It's great to see how each of us is inspired by your writing.

Love your blog overall.. an excellent way for us all to catch up and keep up with you.

Thanks, too, for the link-up to www.baard.com from nicksagan.com...

Meanwhile, I'm exploring the worlds of "eso-researchers" (conspiracy theorists and end-timers), which has me again thinking about the post-apocalyptic worlds you have imagined.

Audrey Harper

I need to re-read Everfree.. I never fully understood who or what "the free" are/were. Did you intend to leave that a bit of a mystery, or were you always planning on writing a 4th book? In Hal's dreams, one appears in human form as Hal when he was young.. I'm wondering if this is more psychological, as compared to actual contact with extraterrestial intelligence. Human nature is not easily defined and has conflicting components with the existence of the R-complex and our ability to love be feel compassion. You have mentioned that you tend to have a more pessimistic view of humanity as a whole (i have that perspective as well.) Do you think our planet needs to be cleansed, and we, also be freed of ourselves? It seems maybe in his dreams, Hal is in conflict with himself over whether or not he, or we should exist at all. Is life more pain than pleasure? Do we do more good, or bad to others? I apologize if i'm way off base, which I probably am! :P


Ooh more fanart! I love it. Seeing stuff like that always makes me wish I could draw. And I'm still as in love with Annah Hutching's Hal as I was the first time I saw it.


Ack! Please, Audrey -- no spoilers! ;)

I'm starting on Everfree next. :)

Audrey Harper

i'm sorry I didn't even think about that.



Thank you so much for posting this. It's a huge, huge honor. You can definitely look forward to more renditions of him, since I've been working on technical stuff as far as art is concerned.

Gratefully yours,



Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this--
no dog exchanges bones with another.
-- Adam Smith


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