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No problem ...

Thanks for sharing so much with us.

My great-aunt, who first told me about "Cosmos" passed just before your dad did and she would have been so thrilled that I got a chance to reflect on your dad's works with you.

Tom Moore

Thanks so much for your reflections here...

Question: It's too late in a way for me, with my youngest a high school junior, but perhaps there will be grandchildren coming:

I'm curious how Carl handled Christmas with you? Seems appropriate to comment on this now, doesn't it!?

Thanks for any anecdotes you can offer...

Tom Moore
Crofton MD USA


Merry Christmas Nick! =D


Late Merry Christmas, Nick! Hope yours was good!

Andy Fleming

A Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you Nick, and your whole family.

I know that I speak for countless others. I am just so pleased that having discovered your dad and Cosmos (and now Pale Blue Dot), and through it, re-discovered science and astronomy, I have been able to make contact with you. I feel deeply honoured having my blog on your dad's page. It means SO MUCH.

In quasi-religious speak he is a true "soul mate", there isn't a day goes by with my amateur astronomy that I don't think about him.

When I see Saturn and its rings (a good time at the moment!), or the great spiral galaxy in Andromeda (M31) part of our "local group", myself and my 10 year old son, reflect on your dad, feeling that same spiritual high he had, and inspired us to have, in his work.

He was a very special person to touch so many people, and showed what a human enterprise science actually is (something my college/school teachers never did!), and how to discover and be involved - creativity and imagination are so essential. These last two attributes are so important to me, trained in both the humanities and science, and are profound revelations. They are absolutely true, and contradict all I was either advertantly, or inadvertantly taught. But above all he showed us that we are at one with the Cosmos. The Cosmos with consciousness, harvesting starlight. Your mam, herself a truly remarkable lady, is absolutely correct in her introduction to the Cosmos series. This insight creates a remarkable uplifting spiritual "high". It changes one's perspectives of the Cosmos, life, us, our place in the Cosmos, and our fate --- utterly.

My "New Year Resolution" is to continue to learn more about this Cosmos, and the physics and natural laws behind it, through both reading more of your dad's other books, and those of others. I have already assimilated and have a basic understanding of Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, General Relativity, and have made a tentative start on Quantum Mechanics. I am exceptionally lucky in having an understanding wife, and a routine job, that allows me to do this in my spare time.

Practically, my family is the proud owner of a brand new small 4" reflecting telescope. It's enough for now, following years of binoculars, and is manageable for a 10 year old child. Importantly it is fully portable, so that we can get away from the light and chemically polluted Teesside skies. I've never had a telescope, despite really wanting one all my life. The truth is, without Cosmos - we'd still be using binoculars!

As part of my resolution, I will also enlighten others who possess an open, enquiring mind to your dad's work and that of the "scientific enterprise" in general. Prioritisation will go to my young son, for future generations - the candle in the dark being passed on, just like a relay race baton.

Above else, I would very much like to keep in contact with you all - a most remarkable family, and one with whom I share such a void in the loss of Carl, and such a deep admiration for him.

Love to you all.
Andy Fleming and family,
County Durham
United Kingdom


Well, looks like not everyone was in a respectful mode on December 20th.

Did you see the latest where someone actually seems to think Carl Sagan was a CHRISTIAN??


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