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Your father was the inspiration for everything that I've done in my life. That handful of television shows, and the books that followed, have led to become both an astronomer and a teacher.

Today is, in fact, a sad day...but he would, I think, want us all to look forward, rather than than backward. So I amgoing to celebrate him by continuing to write lesson plans today, and go to the observatory tonight (if it ever stops snowing here...)

By the way: I'm also a huge fan of your own work.

dr. dave

My contribution to the blog-a-thon (which was a pleasure to sit down and write) can be found on my blog, "Second Order Approximation" today.


bonnie-ann black

just to add a quick note of sympathy and let you know that i miss having Carl Sagan in the world. my blog entry, with artwork, is up. www.dubhsidhestudios.com




That's a very heartwarming entry Ann Druyan wrote at her new blog.

Anyway, here's my post for the blog-a-thon:


Rogério Ribeiro

Hi, Nick.

Just to say that Carl is also remembered here in Portugal, as you had the opportunity of checking out. Personally, he was a very big influence steering me towards Science (and to develop an interest to cross Science with History).



Rich Blundell

What a wonderful opportunity to find other folks out there that share the same level of inspiration. My Carl Sagan inspired blog; A rich worldview is here http://www.omniscopic.com/blog


This is such a wonderful way to remember Carl. Thanks so much for helping all of us be a part of this celebration of your dad.

My post can be found at:



Mi admiración hacia él hizo que me acercara a la ciencia, y a pesar de que no elegí ese camino, pues ahora soy director de cine, le debo en gran medida mi pensamiento crítico y humanista. Gracias!

Patricia LaRaia

Your father inspired my whole life since I saw him in Cosmos. The core of my beliefs and who I am was successfully formed thanks to the powerful concepts he introduced me to and allowed me to see the universe and life under a different light.
What can I say? Thank you seems a thousand times not enough.
Can we dare dream of a future world where individuals hold half the passion for science and knowledge he had? We've produced dedicated scientists, but no one comes close to his passion... I'll forever miss him.

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