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Audrey Harper

That's awesome, congratulations! I wish I were a student there.

You keep the Sagan legacy alive, and I thank you for that. I'm sure he'd be proud of you.

Question: Will you ever do a book tour?

Ângelo Fernandes

I think you did well to accept the job. Congrats.

who knows it may give you more and new ideas for you to write :)

I've given up teaching (I'm a primary teacher) but working with more adult students seems like a great challenge. good luck and enjoy it.

this semester I sign up for a screenwriting curse as well. but I'm not very fullfilled with the program of it.


John Scalzi

Ooooh. I wanna take this course.

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

Your dad taught at Cornell? What was his name?


Wow congrats. Sounds interesting! I bet teaching will help the writing process, because students are pretty crazy people :)
I'm sure your father would be incredibly proud of having another Professor Sagan in the family.

Nick Sagan

Audrey: You're welcome and thank you! No touring plans at the moment, but I'll post the moment that changes.

Ângelo: Thanks, I appreciate it. Out of curiosity, what's not working with that screenwriting class? I'll make sure mine doesn't fall into the same trap.

John: Move to Ithaca.

Sunshine: Oh, you.

Elizabeth: That's really nice of you to say, thanks. I know he'd be proud--it's a good feeling.

Ângelo Fernandes

In theory the class should be working fine.
the schedule is well set - we should now be working the 12 steps of the hero and how to apply it on the screenwritting, for example.

The problem is the person who orientates is too easy and a wanderer, so of the 3h per class, only an hour is produtive, which is quite boring.

As a teacher, notice that she needs a better guide line for this classes. Untill now, there's nothing new that some book about this issue don't say.


Nick Sagan

That wandering focus can be frustrating in a teacher. Hopefully, I won't have that problem--I have that "screenwriter's temperament" where everything I write should move the story forward, and I plan to carry that same spirit over to my teaching.

And three hours sounds a bit long for a writing class. I'm sticking with two.

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