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Oh you should have seen that sheet of glass we had to drive in on this morning in Cincinnati.

I almost ended up flattening quite a number of mailboxes.

However, as much as I despise winter, I don't know HOW they stand it in places like Malaysia where the heat and humidity NEVER lets up.

Although ... you get the lake effect snow up your way too, don't you?


Well, excuse me. It takes guts and character to live in Malaysia. And once you've had 3 years of it, you never want to go elsewhere....

Audrey Harper

It's about the same temp here right now.. miserable, but there is something purifying about the cold, isn't there? There's truth in it. It reminds me of the cold in the empty space between the stars, and really puts things in perspective - thinking of the "pale blue dot" that is our little planet. I feel my existence is trivial and at the same time deeply valued. *Phew* Didn't think my comment would be this long! :) Sorry for rambling..


Phoenix is nowhere near that cold. People shiver here when it's anything below 70.

Ângelo Fernandes

that's a great oportunity to drink a hot chocolate :)


Nick Sagan

Weirdly, after that one cold night the temperature has bounced back up. Tonight, it's 34 degrees Farenheit, which feels practically balmy compared to 14.

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