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Thanks Nick,
What great memories to keep of your father.
You father was certainly very important to a lot of us. When I was a teenager in the 1970s and just getting into science, he was one of the best spokesmen for the wonders of science and of critical thinking. At that time, I was was going through my local library reading everything that even remotely resembled science and unfortunately, that included books by Von Daniken and about UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle and so forth. But there were also your Dads early books, in particular "The Cosmic Connection" which helped steer this budding scientist down the path of light and reason.
Besides the Apollo program and Star Trek, Carl Sagan was one of the positive influences that helped me to become an Astronomer. His influence continued as I read most of his other books over the years. And then there was "Contact". What a great book and not too bad a movie, too. Living in Tucson, early in the book I was transferred into Dr. Arroway's car as she drove down a long desert road at night watching her "honor guard" of rabbits, their ears visible in the headlight beams as she drove down the road. You see - I had that exact experience a few years earlier driving in the wee hours on an Arizona road and he nailed the experience.
I only got to meet Carl once, at a meeting on the Hazards due to Comets and Asteroids (which is the field I work in still today). In the same meeting, I got to see Carl go toe-to-toe with Edward Teller - the ultimate irresistable force meets an immovable mountain!
I would have loved to have sat down with your father and chatted for a while and your memories gave me a hint of what I might have experienced. Thanks again, Nick!


Phil E. Drifter

Hi, Nick. You don't know me, but I just stumbled across this page (thanks to stumbleupon.com) and read it. I've been aware of your father for years but I always love learning new stuff about him. I'm honestly jealous of you since my father was a complete a-hole, but that's beside the point. I think your father was a genius, a true visionary. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of his personal life, and I just wanted to say he's very inspiring; I would have changed the following file name to something more fitting but I just posted the image url last night to a debate with some religitards (my own word which seems to fit their situation perfectly): http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj48/phillydrifter/atheism/quotesspaceuniversequote-f891637a4f.jpg

Your father was a genius, you should be very proud of him.



Of all the influential people of this world, your father touched me the most unique and personal way. It must have been amazing to have him as a father.

Elizabeth Forrest

Thank you Nick. Your father meant so much to me as a child that I learned to love science and the universe just watching his programs - they always made me feel like I had a true friend. Because of him I wanted to be a physicist and was accepted to U.C.Berkley. I then got married and had a child and didn't follow my dream, however my little girl's name is Saygan. I named her after your Dad. (although I changed the spelling to make it more feminine)I wanted to write him 20 years ago and tell him, but I wasn't sure I could communicate what I felt. I'm sorry I didn't. So, I'm telling you. I wish you love and happiness, Elizabeth

Victoria Berry

Great stuff Nick! I'm 55 and still a frustrated astronomer! Your Dad made history. He was a great scientists and even luckier for the population at large, an amazing showman. What you've shared here is much appreciated!

luis felipe gaviria

wow are really great memories, your dad was and he will ever be the biggest astronomer in the universe, thanks fos sharing this with us
congratulations and i love your novels
rip carl sagan.... see you and good luck from colombia

Linda Harr

Thank you Nick Sagan. It must be hard living in the shadow of such a famous man like your father. I truly loved Cosmos and the more I read Carl Sagans books and learn about the man himself I realize what an opportunity it would have been to have been able to meet him. I understand that when he died the University of course cancelled his classes because there would have been no one there to take his place He was such a wonderful teacher, I don't know what it is about the YouTube videos but when I watch them there are tears in my eyes. I guess I really miss him too. Thank you for posting the picture of you and him That was a treasure!

Brian R.

I have been rather cynical about the whole idea of having kids, but I have to say, this makes me want them! As an engineer and lover of science, I love the idea of having this sort of relationship with someone....
Thank you Nick for sharing.


Thank you Nick, it's taken me a long time to really appreciate your fathers work. As a kid I was rather ADD, though I loved science and discovery. It wasn't until my mid 20's that I got to watch the Cosmos series again. WOW is all I really can say. Since then I've learned more and more about Carl and the more I've learned the more respect I have. Thank you for sharing your perspective.


Thank you Nick, it's taken me a long time to really appreciate your fathers work. As a kid I was rather ADD, though I loved science and discovery. It wasn't until my mid 20's that I got to watch the Cosmos series again. WOW is all I really can say. Since then I've learned more and more about Carl and the more I've learned the more respect I have. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

brian williams

Thank you. This is the best bit of reading I've done for weeks.


Hi Nick

Today marks 13 years in the physical disappearance of Carl Sagan, one of the men who have greatly contributed to the dissemination of science and the Cosmos in particular. His work was gigantic and everlasting.

I remember I started to know him in the late 1970s and early '80s, through its unforgettable series COSMOS, which together with you and other of his colleagues was shot in the late 1970s and began to exhibit Cuban television in all years of the decade of the 80s, 90s, and even closer. The Cosmos series was and is included in materials that are recommended to our students of Cuban higher education in various subjects, such as consultation necessary to deepen the knowledge of life and the cosmos.

COSMOS series occupies a prominent place on the Intranet of my university and the graduate course, now impart, states: "Carl Sagan, author of the famous series" Cosmos ", in which thirteen chapters with pleasure , we provide our students. By this we make a fair assessment of this tireless popularizer of science, a day like today, 9 November 2009, meet 75 years of age. Serve your work of popular science as an example for present and future generations".

Get yourself, your family, this day of the physical disappearance of Carl Sagan all my respect and appreciation for life and work of a man who could, by example, showing the way, never done before, to the knowledge of our origins and the mysteries of the cosmos.


Francisco A. Cano Alonso

December 20, 2009

Kenny B.

Very good read. I think my favorite moment mentioned is his aghast reaction to parsecs from the movie Star Wars. While we all just sit and nod, he was the one guy that not only understood what it meant, but he was the only guy that could relay it to the rest of us. I still watch your dad's shows over and over; I wish there were more. watched them when they were reruns and marveled at the amazing facts but now when I watch them I marvel at what a truly thoughtful and interesting man your dad was. Good stuff.

Rick Crum

I miss your father. Contact inspires me to this day. Seldom do I not think about the ideas your father seeded in my mind. For him and now for you, I am grateful.


Hi Nick,
I have PHOBOS. I picked her up while I was in Ithaca. Believe it or not, I actually brought PHOBOS to Florida when when I switched Jobs (post- Space Sciences @ Cornell). Drop me a line, I'll send you some pics. BTW, I'm not an astronomer, I did some programming at space sciences. PHOBOS is one of my most precious posessions, not because it's a Porsche, but this a link between me and my late father too. We started working on it and restoring it together. I haven't touched the car since my Dad's passing about 4 years ago. I was just googling for some parts and then I saw a post with the picture that referred me to your site. I'm going to try to restore it completely to it's original condition (except with FL plates :( ) so if you have any more photos, especially in color, that's be awsome!


Amber Minnerick

This was so enjoyable to experience. Anecdotes of my hero.

Tiffany Nicholls

Dear Nick

I know I'm a bit late - but just wanted to thank you for sharing your memories of your amazing Dad. What a guy! An inspiration to us all, and all of us to come . . . billions & billions of us!


TM May

Your Dad Rocked dude!
He was the best. Ever.


Awe. I love it! Especially the part about speaking to animals in their native tongue. Beautiful.
He is very much alive in our hearts & minds.


My mother, who despite having no academic qualifications was curious and loved to read, once told me of Carl Sagan, it was interested in his life. Her friend gave me a book called Cosmos. Made very much that curiosity and admiration for great men of history that my mother felt. Thanks! for giving us some notes about his father.

Daniel Carreras - Barcelona (Spain)

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