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Juvenal Gordon

A new year of commemoration of his father CARL SAGAN, do not forget, as long as we remember. Today Tribute to the radio 97.7 FM station Pereira (Colombia), in the Twenty-First Century Explorations program with audio in Spanish greetings of the voyager, the sounds of the earth and music (27 Tracks) Originals.

A Hug, NICK.

Juvenal Gordon

A new year of commemoration of his father CARL SAGAN, do not forget, as long as we remember. Today Tribute to the radio 97.7 FM station Pereira (Colombia), in the Twenty-First Century Explorations program with audio in Spanish greetings of the voyager, the sounds of the earth and music (27 Tracks) Originals.

A Hug, NICK.

Atte : Juvenal Gordon Buritica.
Chemistry & Comunicator Science


Pale Blue Dot and The Demon-Haunted World changed my life for the better and hopefully those works and others will do the same for people who have not had the pleasure of reading them already. I often debate with Buddhist Atheists who claim we should all adopt Buddhism and encourage others to do so because it fills a void for those of us who have lost our religious beliefs. I think they are wrong and your father taught me that I do not need a religion to find meaning in life and the universe.

I'm also a big fan of your fiction but I haven’t had the opportunity to see your work with the Star Trek Series. As of now, the show is on my list of shows I must watch.

Thank you for sharing these personal memories.

Peace, love and all that other good stuff...


Brian Barrish

Thank you so much for sharing this, Nick.

So much of the wonder I feel toward the universe today can be directly attributed to growing up watching your father. In many ways, he is a sort of father to so many of us.

He is undoubtedly very much a part of who I am today.

Michael R.

Thanks so much for sharing this side of your father none of us got to know. Sounds like a model parent who we should all aspire to emulate. It's a shame he never had his cartoon likeness and voice on The Simpsons, as with other great scientific minds like Stephen Hawking and Stephen Jay Gould. Though Family Guy did do a bit that at least used your father's likeness where it depicted an evangelical-censored TV broadcast of him talking about the cosmos. I think a voice dubs over him that the universe is 6000 years old and other Creationist nonsense--funny stuff. Anyway, thanks again.

Kevin Handy

I lost both my parents some time ago. So I know what loss is. Your father inspired me not once but many times and when I first saw Cosmos I thought I had seen the greatest program on science ever written. So eloquent. I'm watching it as I write this and find it incredible that it was so far reaching. I think your own work is the fusion between your mother and father. Not many of us can live up to two people who have had such an influence on the world - each parent in different worlds. Somehow you have made both your parents proud and I am certain you will continue to do so for many, many years to come. I would encourage you to write a highly interactive book about your dad because I do not think that anyone could write such a work as well as you could. I think something that talks about both fact and fiction since your dad's passing from your perspective would be so interesting. Your blog is such a celebration sorry I missed its original incarnation.

martha lotfe

Thanks Nick for sharing those memories with your father. I'm from Mèxico and one of my treasure in my "¿side bed table?" is the last Dr. Sagan`s book Billions of Billions. His body has left us, but his escence, his feeling and his love is in every line of his books. How look you are to have him near to you.

With love an respect

Martha L.
P.S. Are your books translated to spanish?


great stuff nick. thank you so much for sharing this. you've given more depth to my knowledge of my hero, your dad. he was an incredible man.

Juvenal Gordon

When Carl us by the gift of magic and charm in science, the universe and humankind. It has left us a legacy to continue forever with our children, students and adults who are delighted with the existence of their ideas communicated with friends with whom he always will be, as they are now Arthur C Clarke and John Weeler. Its Travel Partners in Time Eternal Cosmic.

Juvenal Gordon

Juvenal Gordon

Cuando Carl nos ha transmitido el don de la magia y el encanto por la ciencia, el universo y la humanidad. Ha dejado en nosotros el legado a continuar por siempre con nuestros niños,estudiantes y adultos que se maravillan con la existencia de sus ideas transmitidas, con amigos con quien siempre estara, como lo son ahora Arthur C Clarke y John Weeler. Sus Compañeros de Viaje Cosmico en en Tiempo Eterno.

Juvenal Gordon


Sounds like you had a fantastic father, that also happened to be a fantastic person and a fantastic teacher... I mentioned him in my blog not so long ago, I can assure that half of my mates at University were there because of Carl Sagan. Thanks for sharing him with us!
Un supersaludo


One day in 1984, I was about 17 years old, I came back home from school and my mother told me that there is a very good documentation about natural science in tv. It was the first part of "Cosmos". This is the way I knew your father Carl, who changed my life projects. Until that day I was sure to study languages at the university, but after High School I changed to biology and I have never regretted my decision. Today I'm a biology teacher, I love my job, and Carl's books and films are the best way for many of my students and for myself to discover and enjoy our beautiful world and to think about life, people and science without pregiudice. Thank you for all Carl! Ciao Romano from Italy


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I was at a party this past weekend, having small talk, and I met someone that had a common interest in pop culture like me. It started with old tv shows from Nick at Night, some quotes from Dr. Strangelove, etc, etc. And then I mentioned, what is in my opinion, one of the finest books ever: Pale Blue Dot. We monopolized one another for the rest of the evening talking about your father and his ideas. Thank you for sharing these memories.

Juvenal Gordon

Commemoracion Hoy 20 Dic 2008.

Siempre , Tu padre estara presente con nosotros, no te olvidamos.

Carl You Are a Cosmic Human.

Juvenal Gordon

12º Homenaje a Tu Padre:

20 Dic 2008


Ariel Teo

My name is Ariel Teo is very exciting to read the paragraphs above.

Since childhood I was interested in the science and your father is perhaps the person who approached me to it.

It is a great honor to write to my son being so wonderful that he left his imprint all humanity.

I have read most of its publications translated into Spanish and have never ceased to amaze me and teach me things I never thought.

I am sending you a big greeting from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thanks for your story count.

Mi nombre es Ariel Teo y es sumamente emocionante leer los párrafos superiores.

Desde pequeño me interesó la ciencia y tu padre es quizás las persona que más me acercó a ella.
Es un gran honor para mi escribirle al hijo de aquel ser tan maravilloso que dejó su impronta a toda la humanidad.

He leído la mayoría de sus publicaciones traducidas al idioma español y no han dejado de sorprenderme y enseñarme cosas que jamás creí.

Te envío un gran saludo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gracias por contar tu historia.

Colie Brice

I've had the good fortune to "meet" your wife online. I had emailed the Carl Sagan web site to express my gratitude for the COSMOS series being available online and that I was enjoying it with my 7 year old son Elijah.

In any case, thank you for sharing your warm memories and insights about your father.

Also, best of luck to you with your own considerable talents and endeavours.


thanks carl sagan across of you i coud show the life with other oyes
i canded remake my friend with my brother
thank you carl sagan


Too bad you couldn't be as smart as your dad. Why would you write Novels while you father was a super genius scientist? Why didn't you peruse science?

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