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Hey, welcome back! Sounds like the convention was fun enough. :) (I've never been to one.)

Most of your links don't work. However, so far I like Scalzi's blog.

Nice hat! Those last two photos are really good.

Did you see anything like this at Worldcon?

(I finished Edenborn. Reading Everfree soon!)

Cheers ~

Ângelo Fernandes

Hey there and welcome back!
that convention seemed to be interesting.
but a bit distant to me to go.

I went to Forum Fantástico. It was very nice. Lots of books launching (?). sadly just a few people went there.

Had a nasty hangover?



I'm liking the hat.
Good old Galaxy Quest. That's a classic. How cool that the S.O.T.I. made it so far!
I've always wanted to go to a convention just to see what they were all about. It sounds like you had a pretty good time!
Glad to have this blog back in action!

Nick Sagan

Gail: Worldcon needs dancing robots! Thanks for sending. And thanks for the tip about the links. Should be fixed now. (I'm currently scraping the rust off my HTML skills.)

Ângelo: I hate hangovers with a passion, so I try to drink a lot of water when I'm drinking alcohol. Seems to help.

Elizabeth: When I first saw Galaxy Quest, I was surprised how fun it was. And thanks, it's good to be back!


You're welcome. :)

So, do you never check your pending friends invites at MySpace? Waaaaaaah. Denied! Boo hoo. *pout* =^Þ



Hey, my whining worked! *L* (thanks)

Nick Sagan

You're welcome. I had over 100 add requests piled up there! Guess I should check in a little more often.


Wow. Popular. :)

Back in Black, yeeaaaaaaah!

Hey, did you know you're listed here:

Audrey Harper

So glad to see you active on here again! I finished "Everfree" and was sad to end the trilogy.. I'm always a bit emotional after finishing a Sagan novel - whether it be yours, or one of your dad's books. In fact, when I first started "Everfree" I was a bit teary-eyed to read, "For my father." Glad to see your continuing dialogue with him. His spirit is alive and well.

I have so many questions to ask you about your books, but here are just a couple:
1. Would you implement "the patch" if it were available? Do you feel it's anti-evolutionary? If so, do you think implementing it would be a sacrifice we might have to make due to our primitive, violent tendencies mixed with our advanced technology? (that may be a loaded question.) :)
2. Who, or what was "The Free?" I can only speculate..

How often are you able to check your email? ([email protected]) Is your box pretty full? I sent you an email probably a few months ago. Just wondering if you ever got around to reading it.

Hope all is well!

Ângelo Fernandes

ain't drinking a lot of water while drinking alcohol to smoth things down an urban myth?

maybe drinking water instead alcohol will be more produtive lol

here we say to eat a lot to slow down the alcohol.
Hurray for placebo efect.


Nick Sagan

Gail: That's a great list. I'm happy to be there.

Audrey: I'm so glad you enjoyed the books, and I'm honored by what you say. Thank you! You ask excellent questions, and I'll do my best to answer them.

If there were a patch with a high probability of working, I'd certainly be tempted to use it. I'm not all that rosy on the track our civilization's currently on. At the same time, does the risk outweigh the potential reward? Are we really up to the task of taking on our genetic programming? Where does our humanity live? Might we destroy ourselves to save ourselves? I'm at odds with myself over this--I don't think there's an easy answer. At the same time, the Free are meant to be open to interpretation. I don't want to influence your opinion by stating what I believe. (I may also pick up that mystery in a fourth book somewhere down the road...)

Sorry I missed your email. I try to keep up with my mailbox but sometimes letters get lost or I think I've responded to something when I haven't. I'll look for your letter, and please resend if you have a copy saved in your sent folder.

Ângelo: It's probably just a placebo effect, but it seems to work for me!

Audrey Harper

Thanks for responding Nick - and very interesting to hear your views on the idea of a "patch."

A fourth book hmmm? I hope so!

Also - I did resend that old email.

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