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I don't like most audiobooks; they're usually abridged. But I guess they would come in handy on long drives... if you get tired of music. :)

(BTW, this is Gail. I've been commenting here for a couple of months.)


That's a shame. I never listen to audiobooks if I haven't read the book already, because I hate to miss things, but I do enjoy listening to them every once in a while to re-read a favorite book.

Chris Leary

Awww that's awful. I like to listen to audiobooks while I drive; it makes my commute more bearable. But I can understand the concern in the industry. I recently finished my own first novel and I deceided to self publish AND record the audiobook myself (I am an audio hobbyist too so I have the gear) since otherwise I might not ever get it out there. Well, ok, no more waiting then, I'll run to amazon and get the hardcover. I needed a good excuse to spend time alone in my my study at home so, thanks Nick!

Stephen Redd

That is bad news. I listen to audio books quite a lot and your previous two titles were well done audio productions. Since my time is generally qite thin I've taken to "reading" in the car on the way to and from work. I've been awaiting the 3rd for quite a while. I'll buy it in print, but who can I write to in support of having this one recorded? Nothing makes me more angry than an unabridged audio book series where one of the books never gets recorded... it is too much like a collection you just can't complete.


I think that it's a shame that in spain have no audiobooks!

I listened the first chapter, and it was great, like a fear of childhood, and then put all that in a book.

(sorry for my horrible english)

James Love

Is there anything I can do to convince the powers that be to do an EVERFREE audiobook. I will write letters, sign petitions, give hand jobs...WHATEVER. I waited for what seemed like forever for this book and since my reading comprehension is lacking, I live for audiobooks. I enjoyed Idlewild and Edenborn so much.....I will be incomplete till Everfree is available in audio book form! Thanks.

Chris Maler

Hi Nick,

I'm very sorry to hear that Everfree won't be an audiobook. I've written you previously to tell you how much I enjoyed bothe of the previous novels. (I was the one who told you about the Dragonpage.com website.)

Anyway, I wanted to suggest that you consider releasing Everfree as a serialized podiobook (podiobooks.com) if your publisher's contract would allow it.

If not Everfree, then perhaps you could release some short fiction in audio form through the Escape Pod audio sf magazine.

Whatever the method, I hope to hear more of your works in the future.



This stinks. I listened to both Idlewild & Edenborn on audibooks,(then bought idlewild & read a few more times), so i guess i'll just buy a copy of everfree.


This is extremely disappointing. I have both 1 and 2 on audio. It just feels incomplete without the third. Reading the books, I take time to stop and reflect or think of other things, but listening... now that is something completely different. The oral telling of a story is facinating. Perhaps from thousands of years of our ancestores telling stories orally. I am not pleased.


So...would you consider making a recording yourself? I'd buy it!

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