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Yeah, really! Where have you BEEN?!

(Just kidding! ;) Busy's understandable.)

Congrats on the writing. What's the screenplay? :) I can sympathize with the antivirus stuff. WorldCon sounds fun. Don't feel guilty about needing solitude for creativity! ... MySpace: ehhh, I could never really get with that site. Seems like a duplication of journaling or blogging, but it's probably good when you have work to promote. :)


I was starting to think I should send out a search party...
Ooh, a new novel? Yes, you must give updates on both the writing projects quite often. And two ideas coming together always makes life so much easier.
Guest lecturing? Fun...you'll have to find a way to be a guest lecturer at Boston University in the next few years (well, if I get in, of course ;))
No need to apologize. I completely understand the need for solitude for creativity.

Nick Sagan

Thanks for being so understanding. You're both aces as far as I'm concerned.

₣łαѕђсατ: (Very nifty text on the handle.) Worldcon should be fun--it's always good to catch up with friends, and programming has put me on interesting panels. The screenplay's a science fiction comedy, and I'll say more about it a little closer to the finish line. It's true, MySpace is useful for getting the word out. "But is it losing its cool?" USA Today wants to know...


Elizabeth: Sometimes I feel like I ought to send out a search party to look for me, too. Updates on the writing, will do. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you re: Boston University. I was born in Boston, and I lived there until I was 2. (Dad taught at Harvard before jumping to Cornell.) Each time I go back, I keep expecting I'll unlock some early memory, but so far nothing doing.

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