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Ângelo Fernandes

that's a great event, puting lots of authors singing their books.
Is it vulgar?

I've a question to you, despite your love for you father, don't you get a bit tired from the publicist puting the "son of the great astronomer Carl Sagan" [and similar intros] on the books or on these kind of events?
Your name should be valid for it self, as it is.



That looks fun. I've never been to a book signing because despite the size of Phoenix, authors don't seem to come here very often. Or else I never hear of it...


Good grief, who took these blurry photos?? ::chuckle::

Just kidding. They look nice... or like they could've been nice(r). Come to California someday and I'll do a better job!

I'm starting on "Edenborn" this week. :)

Jim Shannon

Yes that looked like a fun event Nick. You look a lot different in person then your blog photo.

Hey Angelo Fernandes, don't fret. Here in Edmonton we don't get a lot of big name SF author signings either but we did have Robert J Sawyer here in January.


Ângelo Fernandes

you should live in Portugal.
Here nothing really happens, and when it happens it's too much underground.
We had forum fantastico, but beside that...it's a desert here.




*nudge* Look what I found:


Cool, no? :)


This is the College where Dr.Sagan teach from 1968-1996. Its also where
Nick grow up and now lives.


Wish I was there.

All 3 photos I have so far seen of you (the book cover, the website, and the one in the post) differs so greatly. Are you sure you aren't 3 different actors posing under the same name while The Real Nick Sagan is living somewhere else in private?!?!

Just joking. Hope you had fun and your hand isn't suffering too much. =P


Okay, I found ONE COPY of Edenborn at my local Copperfield's:
Bought it. :) Asked them if they carried Everfree; employee said it was listed in their computer but the manager hadn't gotten around to ordering it yet, so I put in a request for them to stock it. It's a fairly independent bookstore, not a big chain. They do have book signing events periodically!

Something serendipitous, too: right off the main driveway to that small shopping center is a street named "Idlewild Way." No kidding, either. :)


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