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That slideshow is cool!

You might like this gallery, too (also with a slideshow option):


(And I'm on chapter 8 now of Idlewild.)



Oh, but haven't heard the latest news that wolves don't eat humans? ;) Perhaps they're rabid...or space aliens marauding as wolves. In that case, best be careful about doing their wishes.


(Update again: chapter 9) :)


A pack of dogs. And not a crossbow in sight. Am I the only one that sees the irony here?

Matt Dinniman

That potato chip one actually made me laugh out loud. It really does look like the backside of one of those Arby's skin-on French fries.

Nick Sagan

Gail: That's a great slideshow, too. Astronomical imagery always inspires me. And Chapter 9, eh... you're zeroing in on the end.

Elizabeth: You're right about the wolves, of course. They have more reason to fear us than we them. Unless they're foaming-at-the-mouth-rabid-space-alien wolves, as you say. Which these were.

Brad: Yeah! Where's Fantasia when you need her?

Matt: I can hear the ad campaign now. "Arby's... a galaxy of flavor!"


Nick: Thanks. I just chose my current favorites from a few astronomy pic sites. :) Glad some other people like it as well.

Have you ever been really close to a wolf? My BIL's friend had a pet wolf years ago. Tame, of course. I got to pet him. Nice animal, he was.

Idlewild: chapter 10 now. Should finish it today! ...Poor Simone. :/ Shoot, I need to order the next book like right NOW. ;) Actually, I'm going to check our local Copperfield's and see if they carry your books (and request they do if they don't already); otherwise, amazon it is. I'll be sure to review it at my blog, too! (Uh, not that hundreds of people will read it from there, but maybe the keywords will pop up in blog searches.)

Okay, back to work!


Hmmm... well, I can see why space aliens might want something with you. After all, a recording of your voice is at the Termination Shock by now.

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