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Ângelo Fernandes

Just for curiosity, have you ever write some story or short story with your father?



I'm really looking forward to this book.

I'm also curious to look into your triology here; sounds fascinating. :)

Nick Sagan

Ângelo: Sadly, no, I never had the chance to do that. I would have loved it. Fortunately, I have had the chance to write with my mother--she's a terrific writer, and I learned a lot from co-writing a screenplay with her.

Gail: Thanks! Successful fascination is, of course, my goal. And multiple Sagans on the reading list? That sounds like a plan to me.

Ângelo Fernandes

You are lucky with your family, it seems that they've educated on cool bases and with interesting experiencies.


Nick: So, I read should Idlewild first, then Edenborn -- then Everfree? (I clicked very briefly on the link supplied in your next post.) Do you have a preferred site for purchasing? :)

Yes, I'm game to read it all! I haven't read enough sci-fi lately and already have most of your dad's books so something "new" from him is exciting. I saw the long interview in Skeptical Inquirer; been a subscriber for awhile now.

Nick Sagan

Ângelo: I couldn't agree more--I'm lucky in that respect, absolutely.

Gail: Idlewild, then Edenborn, then Everfree is the best way to go, though I've been told the books can be read out of sequence without a problem. And it's kind of you to ask, but I don't have a preferred site for purchasing--you can find me at bn.com, powells.com, amazon.com, etc. I've compiled a list of them here: http://www.nicksagan.com/order.html Or you can get my books from your favorite local bookstore--if they're out of stock, they should be able to order up and you'll have the books in just a few days.


Okay; just thought I'd check. Did the one-click thing at amazon; Idlewild should be here Friday. :)

Nick Sagan

You've just made my day--thanks, and I hope you enjoy the book!


Nick: I'm in the middle of chapter three of Idlewild. (Didn't get as much time for reading on vacation as I thought.) ...Very curious. :) It's been awhile since I read a novel that's mostly in first-person but it didn't take much getting used to. I can't wait to find out more about this Halfway Jim character, not to mention just what the heck's really going on! I have a few guesses but I'm not one to ever read ahead so I'll let the suspense hold me.

Intriguing story. I'm glad I won't have to wait for the other two books! :)

Pandora. Heh. :) (And you're welcome.)

Nick Sagan

Great to hear, Gail. Unraveling mysteries is something I love to do a reader, and on the other side of the equation, I think there's a lot of joy in raveling them. So glad you're having fun with it!


Nick: chapter four now. :) I love the dialogue in chapter three!

Noting your Star Trek contributions: probably my favorite aspect of TNG was the holodeck.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this mystery. *twilight zone music*

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