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Ângelo Fernandes

I can't figure it out what's inside someone's mind do make a false ID on Myspace or other, of someone famous.
What's the purpose?
The problem is no one can stop them for creating ID or blogs pretending to be who aren't.

about Myspace, are you a Nip/Tuck fan? They've created a Myspace for the carver.

I never checked iTunes Music and never hear about HighBridge Audio. When I have some time I'll go there.

answering your question "how much fun can a hermit have?" I think it just depends on what you want to do and how you wanna life your life.


Ângelo Fernandes

BTW did you have some feedback of Everfree, from readers?

In Portugal it's aimed for 2007.



Myspace is how I use to blog.

It good for 20s 30s to network now


I just add you to myspace friends.

I will pick up the new book soon.


MySpace is taking over the world...or at least the internet :P That's not to say I don't have one and I don't go on it all the time, but it's amazing that I didn't even know what it was 6 months ago.

Nick Sagan

Ângelo: I've yet to give Nip/Tuck a try. It airs on the same network as The Shield, and I've been curious about it, but have yet to make the time.

sd: MySpace definitely skews young--it's rare to see someone there beyond their 30's.

Elizabeth: They're on a roll: 80 million in the network and counting. Unstoppable. Like you, I'd not heard much about them until recently.

Oh, thanks for the add... x2.

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