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Jim Shannon

This is great and holds a lot of promise. Consider in the military if every weapon had a password activated by the brainwaves of that soldier. The possibilities are endless.

Great Blog by the way.



Sci-fi becoming non-fiction...I shouldn't be surprised with the internet and all that, but that's pretty extraordinary.


To think that I almost went to study at Carleton! But haha dogs barking jingle bells, I suppose that will be a tough nut to crack. XD

Nick Sagan

Jim: Thanks for the compliment, and you're absolutely right about the potential for military applications. Actually, John Scalzi has that brainwave-specific weapon safeties tech in his terrific Old Man's War series. Strange to think how close to reality this might be.

Elizabeth: It really is. The two worlds get closer every day.

Jiko: There are so many fun options for obnoxious song passwords. "Who Let The Dogs Out?" to continue the barking theme? Or maybe "The Macarena" while simultaneously envisioning the proper sequence of dance moves...

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