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Haha, so smug. Glad you are getting the attention you deserve. =D


Heh, I'm one of those who just discovered you via By The Way, and I've added your trilogy to my 'Must Buy' list. Can't wait to read them, and I'm looking forward to following your writing.


You've certainly been getting a lot of interviews lately! Congrats on all the publicity - you've earned it!
Hmm...I think I had something profound to say, but I just forgot it. C'est la vie...

Matt Dinniman

Good stuff, Nick.


I've actually stumbled my way here via Miss Elizabeth up there.
Your novels are very addicting and I'm impatient to get my hands on Everfree. Just thought I'd mention that since I'm new. :)
... I might just be buttering you up so that if you ever decide to tour for a possible book signing, you'd visit the desolate place called Wyoming. ;)

Nick Sagan

You people are awesome. I really appreciate all the comments and good wishes.

Great to meet you, Jim and Cassie--and thanks for giving my books a look. I've never been to Wyoming. 50th in population of all the states--that *does* sound desolate, but I hear it's beautiful so I'd love to go.

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