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*shudders* I had a bad experience with turkey bacon so I'm not a big fan. I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian, let alone a vegan...I'm too much of an American :D

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

Do you pronounce the word vegan as vay-gun? You should. That way, it would rhyme, and rhyming is cool.

John Scalzi

You're not going to let that bacon sit out for 24 hours before you cook it, right?


*immediately gets hunger pangs*

Ângelo Fernandes

Did you cook all of those things?
I'm sympathizing with vegetarian lifestyle, but at the moment it's a bit dificult to achive that. Living with the family make it rough.
I've to wait till I get my own space.
best luck
Ângelo, Portugal

Nick Sagan

The funny thing is I used to hate turkey bacon. I guess my tastes are changing.

About the rhyming: Rhyming *is* better. Now I typically say vee-gun, though I'd rather say vay-gun. Dig that "aliens from the star Vega" connontation. But apparently both pronunciations are wrong...

"VEGAN is not pronounced with a long 'e' and a hard 'g' and NOT "veggan, vaygun, vayjun, or veejun." Simply put, you take the first three letters and the last two of "vegetarian," and you have the pronunciation the way it was intended, "VEH-jan"."

So says http://www.innvista.com/HEALTH/nutrition/diet/vdefine.htm

About cooking: I'm still going out from time to time, but most often it's here at home. That's the only way I can be 100% sure of what I'm eating. Go to a restaurant and there's this whole, "Wait, did they cook this in oil? What kind of oil? How much did they use?" confusion that makes my brain explode.

Ângelo Fernandes

There's a portuguese saying wich in english will sound something like this
eyes that won't see, heart that won't feel.
In portuguese sounds quite
better, must confess.

that's what we "said" when we're going to some dubious restaurant.

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

Nick "SEH-jan"

Vegan Amigan

Hi Nick,

Vegan is generally pronounced V-gun or V-gihn. Hard G. Hope you continue to try the healthier, more ecological eating. It's easier than people think. It just takes some time to learn how to eat other items that aren't even on our radar.

In a semi-related note here's the Utah Vegan gang hand gesture (making fun of the Utah Attorney General here) with James Burke. V-Gun. Get it? See the URL above for that pic.

Finally, i've stumbled onto yet another baby named for your father's family name. This time, it's an at-home birth by a vegan couple. How Ithaca is that!? Anyway here's the link:

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