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Jampacked and unputdownable are perfectly okay with me. I'm still a little boggled over the first reviewer's use of 'Gabriel Hall.' You just CAN'T call Hal Gabriel - it just isn't right.


Was it in anyway a reference to the angel? =D

And I can't wait! Am glad you are receiving your credit. =)


I love that crossing betweenGabriel and the fallen being Hal is. But no, not Gabriel...Sounds really weird.

"Mankind is a predatory species bent on self destruction. Regardless of cost we pursue our own agenda without thought for those around us. Can mankind survive itself?"

Indeed, that is amazing. We'll end up destroyed by our own acts. That's terribly ironic, but scary on itself.

Ângelo Fernandes

I do think that Idlewild's a "mind-blowing" book. It's like a speedrace, where you feel you can stop it until you read the last sentence. The edenborn I thought it's a bit diferent, more reflective about humam specie/condition and with an action that increases towards a huge climax end.

2. Sincerely I don't think that mankind can survive itself. We are too destructive to achive something bigger [I can't explain myself in english as in portuguese]. I think, that only in extreme conditions, like an apocalyptic disaster, we gain and show a construtive spirit together and work together for the shame point. But even on those moments, there are always someone who'll try to gain something out of those more weak.

Still I do like to keep hope in human kind and try to do what I can to make it better :)

Do you know when will be everfree avaiable in Portuguese?


Nick Sagan

Elizabeth: Hal would *definitely* agree with you! And actually I touch on this dilemma in Everfree, but that's all I'll say...

Jiko: Yes, the name's an allusion to the archangel Gabriel, and also to Gavrilo (Gabriel) Princip, the assassin who helped ignite World War I. But the folks at Gedaechtnis are more likely to have named him after the former, and not the latter.

Calisto: Fallen is exactly right, and I enjoy that crossing too. I want you to be wrong about our ironic self-destruction, but I wouldn't bet against it.

Ângelo: You're right about the pace of the first two books. That's a good way of putting it. I'll check on the date for the Portuguese edition of Everfree. And my instincts tell me to agree with you and Calisto about our future, but yes, let's hope and do all we can.

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