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The hobo outfit clearly displays a precocious understanding of the plight of the homeless in early twentieth century America. Unless you wore it with the clown face.

Luke Skywalker and Link (from Zelda) come to mind for myself. Can't say it reflected any great influence on my future development though. My geekdom unltimately grew from other things.

Hank Anthony

mmm.... Batman? Couldn't relate to that one.

I have gone as a hobo before. Interestingly enough, I'd say my life has been quite an adventure. Funny how something we classify as so trivial could tell so much about us. Maybe.

I went as a hooker one year. Do you think that's a bad sign?


Yes, Hank. Yes, we do. :)

Nick Sagan

Primate: If I'd dressed up as a hobo out of solidarity, if I'd truly understood and sympathized with the homeless at such a young age, that *would* have been precocious. But I suspect I was just influenced by cartoons. No shortage of hobos and Charlie Chaplin ripoffs back then. Now I wonder if I did wear it with the clown face? Wow. I sure hope not.

Hank: I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one to be a hobo for Halloween. Though I haven't dressed up as a hooker, perhaps the difference between hobo and prostitute isn't that great? After all, they both qualify as "tramps."


Hmm...interesting choices. I think I must have dressed up as a witch at least five of my halloweens until now I'm old enough to want elaborate costumes, such as a full out pirate (or pirate wench, if you want to be technical). I'm not sure if that means I'm a huge supporter of fantasy or that I'm going to have warts when I'm older...

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