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I also but as a women drive with my
grandma home. I cold'n see a time that I would'n be in my hometown.

I am disabled so I am with somone 24/7 can't drive.

I am going to look at the pts page to
see if their anynews about your dad.


My Dad and I watched "Cosmos" together when I was young, and I always thought that my Dad and yours could have had great chats together if they'd had the opportunity to meet.

Since then I always had a crush on your dad, the way little girls have crushes on their own fathers. I felt a huge loss when your father died. Be comforted knowing he touched many lives.

My own father died almost two years ago, at 74. Even 74 seems too young. I wish I believed in an afterlife, as I'd love for both of them to now know the secrets of the universe -- and possibly to have those chats.

I miss my dad, and I miss yours, too. I hope you feel better!

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